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Custom Product Photo Shoot with Coral + Cotton Bow Co.

May 13, 2020

Custom Product Photo Shoot with Coral + Cotton Bow Co.

Hey-o friends!

Do you sell the same products with varying fabrics? If so, you'll want to dial it in here because this blog is for YOU.

One of the things that keeps me on my toes these days are custom product photo shoots and mockup requests. I was delighted to receive an inquiry from Kristi at Coral + Cotton Bow Co. to create clean and classic bow mockups for her Etsy shop. I love creating outside of the normal baby blanket and crib sheet category I've come to specialize in, so this was a welcomed project.

Before using mockups, Kristi purchased the fabric, created the bow and photographed it herself hoping the lighting, quality and focus was somewhat similar each time. Not ideal. In the beginning of a startup side hustle sometimes you just have to START to get started – no shame in that! But as her business is growing, so are her needs.

The beauty of mockups is that I can professionally photograph her bows (in white fabric), create a photoshop mockup file with smart objects, and Kristi can drop whatever digital fabric she wants to offer into the image. That means, she can offer all kinds of fabrics, showcase the bows, and only buy the fabric she needs when she makes a sale. No more stocking up on unused fabrics and having a limited selection.


Hear from Kristi herself on her current experience with her bow mocks.

  1. How did you find JENLYNN stock shop and what made you take the jump into mockups?

I was looking for a stock image that I could use to show new patterns for my bows and found your shop!

  1. Have you worked with mockups before or was this your first time - is the learning curve worth the results?

I've used mockups in the past, and it's a great alternative to having to photograph each product, especially when I'm not a professional photographer. I think once you get the hang of it, mockups are pretty easy to work with and totally worth learning curve.

  1. What are some benefits you have experienced with these mockups?

The mockups have already helped me advertise some new patterns and offer pre-orders for my customers. This way I can gauge interest before buying a lot of different patterns for my bows. It really helps customers get a feel for the pattern when it's in bow form, rather than just a pattern.


Thank you Kristi for partnering with us and choosing JENLYNN Stock Shop. With mockups, you know your shop will have a cohesive feel, a professional look, and will be visually easy to browse. This equates to real actual savings on upfront cost and also increases sales because of the professional presentation. If you're looking to take your shop to the next level, let's talk mockups and see how we can give your shop that first impression punch. Complete your custom mockup inquiry HERE.




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