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Neutral Nursery Reveal

July 25, 2020

Neutral Nursery Reveal

Ladies + Gents! This has been months in the making and I'm finally ready to reveal the new Neutral Nursery to you all. I went out on a limb and bought an entire new nursery set as a backdrop for all the client goodies I can handle, aaaaaand I think it's pretty magical. 

Here are the first 3 mockups I have available for purchase from the Neutral Nursery Collection and I'll slowly be rolling the others out over the next few weeks so check back often.

A few months ago I took a poll on my instagram account (come give us a follow here) and there was a resounding nod to the raw natural wood look. So here we are. My dear hubs painted the walls a creamy white (Sherwin Williams Alabaster White) and this IKEA dresser is legit (soft closing drawers and birch wood 😍) and reasonably priced. I had these dried flowers left over from a client custom photo shoot - anyone else loving the dried floral trend? 

And then I found this creme rug on one of my favorite rug sites and knew the texture would be a divine backdrop for your products. 

Here's where I store all my goodies, props, accessories and products. This is my favorite drawer. 

For the crib I really wanted something substantial for your products to shine against, but nothing too trendy. Clean lines and warmth; this felt like the perfect choice.

And look at all these blankets I've acquired over this last year?! Now you see why I need to hide them all in my dresser, otherwise my people will steal them for snuggles while watching a show and wipe their cheeto stained fingers all over them. 😳

All the stuff that doesn't get captured in the final shot. If you know me, you know that its pretty typical for the corners in my life to not look pristine... and over time I've finally accepted this part of my own humanity. Children help keep me you spy the blue toy my son left in here? #reallife

What's a room without some foliage? I LOVE this burgandy rubber plant and the new vibe it contributes to the space. And a puppy can't be trusted alone in the nursery but somehow he always sneaks in and makes an impression. Do you spy him? 😆 

And that completes the grand tour!

I'm working through my own list of mockups to create in this space, but you know what would be even better? Ideas from YOU! Yep, I want to hear from you, because what am I doing if I'm not dialed in to your needs? If you're inclined, leave me a message in the comments and I'll see if I can add it to my list. Thanks for stopping by.

Now, Let's Get Shopping.



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